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PVPlant Care
Maintenance Management Solution for Solar Plants.

A comprehensive solution built on top of the Microsoft 365 platform, designed to optimize the operation and maintenance of solar power plants.

The industry-specific CMMS. Developed to serve your daily procedures.

Because each Operation & Maintenance company has its unique requirements and workflows, we tailor our solution to your business to perfectly serve the daily maintenance procedures you provide. Stop using a one-size-fits-all CMMS and offer a hassle-free experience to your field service employees, allowing them to collaborate seamlessly, from anywhere, on any device.

Streamline the operation and maintenance of your solar power plant with our comprehensive solution.

PVPlant Care is a comprehensive Online Maintenance Management solution built on top of the Microsoft 365 platform, designed to optimize the operation and maintenance of solar power plants while providing numerous benefits for sustainability. With PVPlant Care, users can easily monitor and optimize their plant’s performance, reducing downtime and increasing energy production, leading to a more sustainable future.

PVPlant Care provides a range of features, including real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, fault detection, and reporting, all of which are fully integrated with Microsoft 365, providing advanced security, reliability, and scalability, enabling users to manage their solar power plants from anywhere in the world, while reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to the global effort to combat climate change.

As an online maintenance management solution, PVPlant Care helps users streamline their plant management processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Our solution is designed for anyone responsible for managing the operation and maintenance of a solar power plant, from plant managers to maintenance technicians, and helps to address the customer need for sustainable and efficient plant management.

PVPlant Care also offers seamless connectivity with third-party apps and services, allowing users to integrate with their existing systems and workflows. This integration enables users to maximize the benefits of PVPlant Care while leveraging the power of other tools and platforms, helping them to achieve their sustainability goals.

By streamlining the operation and maintenance of solar power plants, PVPlant Care helps businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. With the power of Microsoft 365 platform, PVPlant Care offers a comprehensive and intuitive solution for managing the sustainability of solar power plants, helping businesses to optimize the performance of their solar power plants and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

Our highlights

Optimize PV plant maintenance with Microsoft 365 custom solutions. Streamline operations, improve data analysis & make informed decisions.

Custom solutions based on Microsoft 365 apps offer a range of benefits for PV plant operators, including increased efficiency, improved data analysis, and more effective decision-making. As the renewable energy industry continues to grow, it’s clear that these solutions will play an increasingly important role in ensuring the ongoing success of PV plants.

Combine the features and equip your team with the right toolbox.


of all users don’t use all the functions offered by one-size-fits-all CMMS

Connecting the dots of digital transformation with our value-added solutions.

Integrate digital transformation solutions in processes, products and assets to improve efficiency, enhance customer value, manage risk, and uncover new opportunities to create revenue.

Record, manage and store documents required for Ο&M, such as technical plant and equipment documentation and drawings, maintenance manuals, photos and reports, including the various versions that different users are creating, reviews and approvals.
Manage maintenance contracts, improve equipment uptime and operation, and fulfil contractual obligations such as reporting, cooperation, contract modifications, the interaction of the applicant, and more. Create peace of mind and customer satisfaction.
Perform warranty-related works on site. Improve the efficiency in complaining processes, help to reduce the warranty period costs, receive and collect all the warranty complaints and support the complaint process.
Achieve a safe working environment by complying with your country’s relevant legislation and ensuring that each field employee respects the health and safety legislation, strictly following the established procedures.
Record your employees’ skills to identify gaps and provide training in accordance with respective national legal and professional requirements to fill the gaps.
Connect or integrate any third-party API applications. Export data to your ERP system. Link to your accounting system. Transfer information to project management software—import data directly from machines.

Empower your employees to work efficiently and increase the performance and productivity of your maintenance procedures with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft’s 365 robust cloud services and surrounding ecosystem comprise a suite of business applications to support human resources’ needs across various procedures and lifecycles. An intelligent solution that drives digital transformation and works to empower your people to access all enterprise data from any device and enable continuous improvement.

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