Press Release – 05.12.2023

WIZSP SRL Strengthens its Digital Arsenal Through Strategic Partnership with Tricent Security Group A/S.

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WIZSP SRL, an innovative digital transformation specialist and Microsoft Partner, proudly announces a pivotal partnership with Tricent Security Group A/S, a renowned provider of file-sharing governance solutions for Google and Microsoft 365.

This collaboration signifies a significant step in WIZSP’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to its clientele in the UK, Greece, and Romania. As a company dedicated to offering tailored digital transformation services and bespoke software applications powered by Microsoft 365, WIZSP continues to align itself with industry leaders to enhance its offerings.

Tricent Security Group A/S, known for its expertise in File Sharing Governance, brings a wealth of innovative solutions that will undoubtedly benefit WIZSP’s customers. This partnership allows WIZSP to integrate Tricent’s software seamlessly into its portfolio, providing enhanced security, compliance, and governance features for file sharing on Microsoft 365.

“The collaboration with Tricent Security Group A/S is a strategic move to fortify our trusted position as a digital solutions provider. This partnership enables us to offer our clients state-of-the-art file-sharing governance, ensuring their data remains secure and compliant,” said Mr. Vlasakidis, General Manager and Stockholder at WIZSP SRL.

WIZSP’s strong presence in the digital transformation landscape and Tricent’s robust file-sharing governance solutions position the partnership as a catalyst for growth in key markets. This collaboration will benefit existing clients and open new avenues for WIZSP in its mission to drive digital transformation.

As a Microsoft Partner, WIZSP is dedicated to leveraging the latest technologies to empower SMEs and large enterprises. The partnership with Tricent Security Group A/S aligns seamlessly with this vision, providing WIZSP with the tools needed to address evolving security challenges in the digital landscape.

For details about Tricent Security Group A/S, please visit Tricent’s Website.

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About Tricent Security Group A/S

Tricent Security Group A/S is a trusted provider of File Sharing Governance solutions for Google and Microsoft 365. With a commitment to enhancing data security and compliance, Tricent delivers cutting-edge solutions that empower organizations to manage and share their files securely in the digital landscape.

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