Brighter Green Engineering Improves Performance Efficiency and Ensures a High-Quality Customer Experience with Microsoft 365

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Brighter Green Engineering logo43 Brighter Green Engineering Improves Performance Efficiency and Ensures a High-Quality Customer Experience with Microsoft 365

At Brighter Green Engineering, we’re passionate about solar. We provide specialist operations and maintenance services to the UK solar power industry. Our sole focus is to make sure that our clients’ solar farms operate as efficiently and effectively as possible by using state of the art remote monitoring technology and by providing a dedicated and qualified engineer for each site. This way we can guarantee the output of their clients’ solar projects and their return on investment – and all this while being sensitive to and protecting the local environment.

A SharePoint-based ticketing system developed by WIZSP for Brighter Green Engineering to support work in Solar Operations and Maintenance.

Over the last five years, WIZSP has worked with Brighter Green Engineering (Abbr: BGE) to develop ‘Bright App’, a SharePoint-based ticketing solution to support BGE’s work in Solar Operations and Maintenance in the UK.

Before its implementation, BGE received field reports in the form of completed Word reports and photographic files. Office team members then compiled work reports for customers that were delivered on a monthly basis. Customers could only see progress on work in the field once it was complete and were unable to easily track trends in equipment failure over time or by the manufacturer. BGE was spending significant time chasing engineers for completed work reports and evidence and then preparing the reports for the customer.

The solution has enabled BGE to seamlessly task field engineers via a PowerApps-based mobile phone application, gather field engineer feedback and work evidence, review and finalise reporting and deliver results to the customer. The system allows customers to view in-progress and completed work at the solar plant level and for their portfolio as a whole, enabling them to analyse performance trends and easily verify contractual compliance. The system also enables BGE to track equipment spares at the site and portfolio levels. In several instances, it has ensured a rapid response to an on-site failure by locating the correct spare wherever it may be located in the country.

Solar Park Maintenance. Brighter Green Engineering improves performance efficiency and ensures a high-quality customer experience with Microsoft 365. PV Plant Maintenance Sistem de întreținere a instalațiilor fotovoltaice
The system has been critical in improving Brighter Green Engineering’s performance efficiency as well as ensuring a high-quality customer experience. Customers have commented on the improvements in the ease with which they can now monitor site performance. It has helped contribute to a greater level of trust in BGE as a Solar O&M operator by delivering greater transparency on work done in the field. It has also helped to provide a readily-accessible database of site corrective action to enable BGE to provide proposals on-site improvement to its customers.

As a SharePoint and PowerApp-based solution, the system has proved very cost-effective on an ongoing basis, using tools that already form part of our Microsoft 365 subscription.

WIZSP has proven to be a reliable partner in the development of the system – responding to requests for system improvements and providing support when required for maintenance of the system.

Mark Larson
Finance Director, Brighter Green Engineering Ltd